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My Holiday Concierge

Pascale lives in Trinity Beach and purchased a holiday apartment close by. Initially she handled it all by herself: the bookings, the cleaning, meeting the guests… but she is traveling more and more and has asked us to look after her property when she is away.

We handle her calendar, respond to messages and greet the guests on arrival. We make sure the unit is clean and the  amenities stocked up. We also review the guests and ensure Pascale keeps her 5* rating.

Mike lives in Sydney and has just purchased an investment unit in the CBD. This is his first venture in renting his unit on various holiday letting platforms, so he wants to keep control of the bookings. Which is fine with us. But he leaves the rest to us: he lets us know when there is a booking and we make sure the unit is ready for his guest’s arrival as per his instructions, meet the guests (no matter what their arrival time is) and clean the unit when they leave. Oh, and we are also available if they have any questions during their stay, of course.

My Travel Concierge

Michelle is from Paris and has always dreamt of seeing the Great Barrier Reef. This is finally becoming a reality but she wants to make sure the holiday unit she has rented for her 2 weeks stay is as described on the internet. She has asked us to go and have a look and we sent her a video, so she is re-assured. As she is arriving on an early morning flight, she has asked us to fill the fridge for her with essentials. And because she is not sure about driving on the left side of the road, especially after a long flight, she has also requested that we meet her at the car rental desk at the airport:  we will show her the way to her dream home and she will follow us with her rental car. 

Mark & Joanne live in Adelaide and are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary in Port Douglas. They will be joined by their children and their grandchildren. They have looked at some of the amazing villas available for rent in the area and have asked us to check them out. Which we did with much anticipation: we simply love that coastal drive from Cairns to Port Douglas!  We sent them our videos and gave them our honest opinion about how each venue would suit their family of 10. Then we started receiving calls from their children who wanted special touches in the house, as a surprise to their parents. Oh, and some toys for the children too. It was such a pleasure to look after such a lovely, happy family!

My Personal Concierge

Kevin is a FIFO (Fly In Fly Out) worker who lives in Cairns. As he does not want to be bothered with mundane tasks such as cleaning and shopping when he is at home, he sends us his calendar and we make sure his place is clean when he comes home and the fridge fully stocked up.

Jenny just found a new job in Brisbane, which she is very excited about. But this means leaving her elderly mother on her own back in Cairns. Jenny has asked us to drop in to see her mum once a week and spend some time chatting with her, just as she used to do. We also do some shopping on the way for her, so she has fresh fruits and vegetables in her pantry.

Miyako had just arrived in Cairns for a 2 day trip. Her suitcase was damaged on the way and she needed it fixed ASAP. Her tour guide called us, we collected the case and took it to be fixed, returning it on time for her to pack for the next part of her trip. 

My Personal Concierge 

Anne is a busy Melbourne professional. She has paid off her apartment in Saint Kilda and is now ready to purchase her first investment unit. Preferably in Cairns, with a view to retiring here later on. She had done a lot of research online and had narrowed her choice down to 8 properties. She queried us about the areas she had selected and asked us to visit the properties and to provide her with a video of the units and the surrounding areas. She then selected 5 units which she came to visit on a day trip from Melbourne. She selected a lovely unit in Edge Hill. She asked us to supervise the few renovations and gave us a budget to furnish the unit, ready for holiday rentals. She is handling the bookings herself and we are about to welcome her first guests. We are as excited as Anne!

Raymond lives in Hong Kong and is keen to increase his investment portfolio with a unit in Cairns. The fact that he loves diving probably played a role in his choice of location! He gave us a detailed list of his requirements and selected a number of units on the internet. He asked us to check that each unit matched his requirements and, after seeing our videos, narrowed his choice down to 3 units. He negociated with the real estate agents and purchased a furnished unit in the CBD. He asked us to make it ready for rental by adding amenities and some special touches and the unit has been booked solid ever since. No wonder, it is only a stone throw from the marina! 

My Personal Concierge 


Joan and Reg live in Melbourne and own a 2 bedroom apartment in Palm Cove. They usually visit 2 or 3 times per year, and some of their friends also make use of the apartment in their absence. They call us before anyone arrives and ask us to make sure the apartment is ready, and sometimes ask us to fill the fridge with groceries. They also like us to do a monthly check on the unit, in between visits, to make sure everything is OK. During the rainy months, we like to drop in to ensure there is no water damage through the windows or on the balcony. 



John and Sue are retired and live in a unit in the CBD. They travel frequently for extended periods and like to rent their unit out whilst they are away. They let us know when they have guests and we make sure everything is ready when the guests arrive.

My Relocation Concierge 

John works for a bank and has just received a promotion. But this means he has to move to Cairns. Not that he is complaining! His employer is including a relocation package as part of his promotion and John has asked us to find suitable accommodation for his young family and find a school for his 5 year old daughter. We worked with the family to find their perfect home and they have now enjoyed living in Cairns for a few months. 



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