What is a travel concierge?

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

You may have asked yourself “What is a travel concierge? And what makes a travel concierge different to a travel agent?”…Glad you asked!

Whilst there are definite similarities, a travel concierge goes that extra mile to thoroughly research, source and offer travel experiences specifically tailored to your personal requirements. How ? By getting to know you first.

Broadly speaking, reputable travel concierges are experienced travellers themselves, with many stamps on their passports, years of good (and maybe not so good) exposures, who genuinely enjoy travel ling. They understand today’s travellers seek personalised itineraries, boutique style plans allowing for meaningful immersion in their chosen destinations, often termed micro travel .

So, here’s an outdated myth: A travel concierge service is for the rich & famous, used by VIP clients, celebs and business executives…basically those with the funds to spend on such luxuries.

Myth busted!

Getting to know you.

A good travel concierge will ask questions…a great travel concierge will ask lots of questions. Take the time to think about your answers. Divulge what you really enjoy doing during your holidays, drawing on past experiences, and what you are hoping to achieve from your next venture. Just as importantly, what you dislike, your ‘must avoids’ and what really grinds your gears.

And talk budget. Honest disclosure effectively negates future disappointment, off base planning and unrealistic expectations.

Your travel concierge will offer time saving services, such as creating a personalised, yet flexible itinerary, including finer touches such as restaurant reservations, child care services, a concert or that show you’ve been wanting to see .

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A good travel concierge will always be looking for that little extra to recommend to their clients.

Want to know a restaurant offering local indigenous food? The hidden bar serving locally made gin? Your travel concierge will know. And if they don’t, they will know someone who knows. So, you always have access to their local knowledge.

They will also provide additional information, such as advising on local events, markets, concerts, road closures…. because they know it matters to you.

Let’s make it simple

After hours researching the internet, comparing hotels, pricing and tours, how can you be certain that the glowing review was not written by a family member of the restaurant’s owner? Or maybe that ownership has changed since? That the amazing waterfall on the brochure has an even more beautiful rock pool a little further up the track?

While travel might seem easy to book at first glance, recent world events have shown it helps to have a helping hand and pair of eyes right on site.

Travel concierges offer a complete and varied range of services, with the flexibility to accommodate changing needs and diverse requirements, often on a daily basis.

Your time is precious

A travel concierge service offers today’s most priceless commodity – your time.

From arrival to departure, your travel concierge can take care of everything. It’s so much more than getting you from A to B: It’s being in the moment and returning home richer for the memories made.

Knowing someone is there to provide local knowledge and contacts, take care of any issues, allowing you to travel carefree, without unnecessary waste of time, money and energy, is priceless peace of mind.

First and foremost, it’s the human touch. By engaging a travel concierge, you have someone who is personally invested in your trip. It’s that unique ‘got you covered’ guarantee.

Getting to know me.

Personally, I am an aficionado of smaller, more intimate and meaningful travel . As a devoted foodie, I like to visit the local markets first up and take a cooking lesson. This takes me beneath the surface of a culture, into the everyday life of the locals. My most memorable moment is a trip to the Port Vila markets in Vanuatu, with the chef from one of the island resorts: I happened to be the only guest on his tour, so I could ask all my questions and I had his undivided attention… the tour finished with lunch in the resort tropical gardens. I was in heaven! The next day when I walked through the markets, the locals greeted me and even gave me more food to taste. It gave me such a wonderful sense of belonging. This to me is priceless.

My Cairns Concierge takes care of the following:

· Planning your Far North Queensland trip from start to finish;

· Securing all reservations from the get go: transfers, restaurants, tours and places of interest.

· Last minute items: No need to overload your luggage or have to shop on arrival. We collect everything you need and have it ready for you at your accommodation: Groceries, drinks, baby equipment, disabled aids and so much more. If you need it, we get it;

· Organising quality childcare if required;

· Meet & Greet at the airport, or at your accommodation, so we can address all your questions;

· Personal tour guide (with or without transport) – many languages available;

· Private chef;

· We can even organise your own private concierge for the duration of your stay;

Have we missed something? Just ask and we can provide. Contact us on +61 412 500 007 or email:

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